A philosophy? It’s simple. We want to do our bit. To work towards a greater good. To protect endangered species; recover heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetables. We want fishermen to stop plundering the oceans with impunity.

In real terms this means that we use only those suppliers who feel the same way about these things as we do. Suppliers who can vouch for the provenance of what they send us, and who care passionately about this provenance. And we source our fish fresh every day from Southbank Fish. (Click on the sidebar on the left to find out a bit more about the companies we choose to work with.)

While we believe that industry seminars and debates on sustainability have a vital role to play, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty. Which is why we recently accepted an invite from St Mungo’s homeless services to visit their urban growing spaces. We are now proud supporters of the St Mungo's Putting Down Roots scheme and Capital Growth, whose big idea is to create new community food growing spaces across London, and to link those growing spaces to restaurants like ours. This collaboration has to date been a huge success. Indeed, Iain and his clients from St Mungo's have already begun planting the seeds which will supply us with our herbs, lettuce, and anything else they can think of throughout the summer. Look out for progress updates on our Facebook page.